Film Festival Survival Tips #3

Today is the last day of the #LasVegasFilmFestival 2014, what a bummer!

Time has flown, the drinks have flowed and friendships have been formed... but what have I learned?

- I definitely need to make a short film to showcase my feature length screenplay. A visual calling card, that looks great and moves audiences, can get you attention and prove your concept has legs.

- if you can afford it, come to the festival one or two days early and leave a day after it finishes. If you do well at the festival, you may end up having meetings after it is done. Who knows, right?!

- The first party and the last party are key to cementing relationships. Actually, go to all the parties. You have to build these new friendships in a very short period of time, and if they have any hope of lasting, you need to work at them. Thank God for social media, especially when you live in places flung far from Hollywood.

- Go to a convenience store and prepare a 'festival survival pack', e.g. lots of energy drinks, granola bars, Advil, eye drops, breath mints, deoderant, M&Ms :-)

- make sure you have plenty of business cards, and make them destinctive. If you are networking properly, you should end up with a whole bunch of other people's cards. Make yours stand out. Put your photo on the back, too.

- at the end of the day, take out the business cards you received and email each person to say, 'hey, nice to meet you, see you around the Festival'. They might appreciate the personal touch.

I'm sure I've learnt other things but after 5 days of being up until 3am networking at parties, my brain has turned into mash potato.

Maybe the biggest lesson of all though...?

... just go. Do it. If you make it into a festival, research it first, make sure it's worth going to, then book a ticket and get your butt there. You won't regret it. I made the finals, didn't win a prize but it was all worth it! Thanks @LasVegasFilm.


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