Hell is full of gamblers and filmmakers


Okay, so Las Vegas is not exactly the firey pit of purgatory, but I'm pretty sure I saw Lucifer lying by the pool this morning in his hellfire Speedos! (oh, wait... that was me...)

And okay, filmmakers and gamblers really are the SAME thing, but at least filmmakers don't sit in front of machines hoping something good comes out of them.... oh, wait...)

No wonder they have a film festival here.

Film festival tip #1: Some have been to more festivals than others. Find those people. One lady tonight said this was her 45th festival, and her main actress was an Academy Award nominee! She may not have distribution yet but she probably has some great tips about how to navigate the film festival circuit and which ones are worth entering. I will be tracking her down tomorrow night.

Film festival tip#2: Take plenty of deoderant.

I'm incredibly lucky to be here at all and be a finalist in the film festival. I'm also gobsmacked they have the largest outdoor air conditioning unit in the world. Bless the city fathers and all their children for all eternity. Can we please put it on every street though? Jesus I sound like a princess.

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