The Third Bomb Blog goes live

Today I'm jumping on a plane and headed to Las Vegas for the 7th Annual Las Vegas Film Festival where my script 'The Third Bomb' is currently a finalist. It will be my first film festival as an entrant. Not afraid to say I am equally nervous and excited.

Flying all the way from Australia to be there seems a bit nuts but you never know what could happen or when the chance might happen again right? Navigating festivals and competitions as a 'wanna-be' professional screenwriter is an art form in itself and there's no better way to learn than actually being there.

So it seemed like a good time to start my first ever blog. Maybe my experiences will help other writers starting on their own writing journeys. Maybe it will help me on my own. Writing scripts is a form of cathartic emotional expression, why not blogs?

The old schooler in me is still lugging his leather bound diary with him though for thoughts not suitable for publication until after mortal-coil-shuffling has occurred (and probably not even then).

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